Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Vinyl Addict

My husband has loved vinyl records for as long as I can remember. He started DJing when he was 18 and a few decades later, he still hasn't lost the love for it.

The main thing that has changed is instead of modern music (electronic, hip-hop etc), he has started collecting "old music". The classics, all the stuff you remember from your childhood and teenage years. I must admit, his enthusiasm has rubbed off on me and if you read my blog regularly you'll know that I already have a penchant for second hand stores. Well, this addiction has given me yet another reason to "go hunting" for some second hand gold.

I can pin point EXACTLY when Roge decided we should start collecting the classics. It was when we wandered into this store in Sheffield, Tasmania on a day out for his Mum's 60th birthday. Seeing someone else's passion for music can be really inspiring and the bloke that owns this store was more than an music/vinyl addict.

As part of our recent downstairs reno, we've done up our rumpus room/second living area. However instead of a TV, we've set up a record player. I love the tactile nature of putting a record on the player, so much more "an event" than turning on the iPod. Roge an I spend hours downstairs with the big doors flung open, listening to classic records whilst pottering in the garden or playing with the kids.

I love picking up a record and not thinking that I know anything about the artist/s, only to hear the songs and get that "oh yeah, I know this one" feeling. Funny how much I am familiar with without knowing it.

This Summer since setting up the record player, I've found myself dancing more, taking more time out to sit and "just be" with a tune on in the background. Spending less time in front of the TV, more time with family etc. How funny that something as simple as setting up an old record player can change someone's life so much as it has mine of late. Sounds silly I know but it's been a really positive thing for me.

The only downside...I'm spending lots of my hard earned pennies on music that I "have to have". Safe to say I'm well on my way to becoming a vinyl addict!

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