Wednesday, 1 August 2012

DIY Bench Seat

Whilst most of our "beach shack time" is now spent strolling on the beach, reading magazines and generally chilling out, we do sometimes get into work mode. Over the last few days, a project that we have casually been working on has finally come into fruition and I now have a delightful bench seat where the old wood heater used to sit.

Looks pretty good eh? Well you'd never guess it's made up of two old wardrobe doors, a $17 piece of MDF, a few old op shop belts and a bit of creativity!

The previous owner had left a few pieces of not so good furniture behind and rather than throwing it all on the tip heap, we tried to think a bit out of the square as to what other uses it might have. The wardrobe for example looked awful but was made of solid Tas oak timber.

Roge then purchased three small lengths of cheap pine and a large panel of 9mm MDF chipboard coming to approx $35 in total. Then he whipped up a frame.

He clad the sides with the MDF and with what was left over, I was able to use some cheap polyester wadding and a simple piece of fabric to cover the spare MDF and make a back rest of the chair.

I used a staple gun to hold the fabric on. It's hardly a professional job but it's done the trick!

Then I went to the op shop, found four tan leather belts, cut them to size and screwed them into the wall to hold the back rest into place.

Viola, a completed bench seat which has the added bonus of providing extra storage inside. I'm a little bit chuffed about this one I have to admit. It's come up really beautifully and it really adds something to that position in the kitchen. Note, Roge still hasn't removed the old chimney from the wood heater, that's next weekends job. I'm not leaving it there as a feature of any kind! Actually I can't wait to see it gone because I've smashed my head on it half a dozen times and it bloody hurt!

Next plan is to find or make a little table and get some chairs so I can have a little breakfast area at my shack. I'll keep you posted on how I go....I've already purchased some retro looking fabric to make a cute little table cloth!

After that I'll give you the full tour of the beach shack kitchen. If you haven't seen the beach shack lounge or bedrooms, take a look here (lounge) and here (bedrooms).

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