Friday, 5 June 2015

Launceston Has A New "Tip Shop" - Uptipity

At the end of 2014 Launceston opened it's new "tip shop" at the local refuse centre, aptly called Uptipity. This was very exciting for me, I'm quite a fan of others "trash".

I have frequented the shop and every time, left with an armful of loot. New yoghurt thermos's, bread makers, puzzles and toys for the kids, books, furniture, golf putters to name a few things. The most exciting however was something I found only last week, a dirty slab of marble which was hidden amongst the gardening supplies out the back.

Goodness knows what it was originally, I couldn't work it out. It had a brass attachment glued on the back but it was as if it was broken. Maybe it was a table or a seat, either way, I instantly knew what I would do with it. Oh and did I mention that it cost me $2? Bargain!

I chipped off the brass bit, gave it a good scrub and attached some felt furniture protectors to the bottom and voila, I have a new, very stunning serving board.

I saw something half this size in a homewares store shortly afterwards for over $60 so I was pretty happy with my bargain up-cycled serving board. A win for more reasons than one.

So, I'd recommend going and finding yourself some treasure amongst the trash. Uptipity is located at the Launceston City Council refuse site on Remount Rd, Mowbray.

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