Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Meat Left Overs

About a month ago I went back to work after a two year maternity break. I've come to realise that what that means for me is that I still have to do everything that I used to do except now I have to fit an extra 20 hours per week of *work on top of that! Inevitably something had to give because I can't create an extra 20 hours a week so that has meant that my family have been eating some pretty boring (and probably not so nutritious) meals of late.

That said, on my days off I've still found the mojo to whip up some yummo food with the left overs from our "boring meals" which I thought I'd share.

Here we have a few odd left over snags and rissoles. 

I used the snags as topping for some gourmet pizzas. They were really yummy and I was mega stoked with the base which I've made from my sourdough starter and some spelt flour. It's the best base I've created yet and for the purpose of keeping a record for myself (for next time), this is the recipe:


2 Cups spelt flour
1 Cup plain flour
3 cups (or 720g) of sourdough starter
A dash of water and extra flour for kneading

1- Mix all together and knead on the bench until it isn't sticky any more. Cover with some olive oil and let it sit whilst you prepare all the toppings.
2 - Oil a pizza tray, flatten out a roll of dough, cover with toppings and cook in a 200 degree oven for 15-17 minutes.

With the rissoles I've made some gozlame after some inspiration from a good friend (find her here at My Tassie Kitchen). I used a recipe I found on good old Google here.

A fair bit of bread based food I know but I tell myself that it's Winter and we all need a few extra kilos to help with the cold? Whilst not a perfectly nutritious selection of meals, they're still good quality and made with love.

*work = the paid type of work as opposed to "mum work" which is ten times harder and paid in small human cuddles and kisses.

My little helper. X

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