Monday, 25 May 2015

Gus the Cat - And What I'm Reading

Gus is my cat. 

Sweet, lively, cheeky and so so very patient, nothing much rattles him. He is 10 years old and I'm hoping that he lives until he's 50! It will be a sad day when he goes to the cat playground in the sky.

He happily come in the car with us to the shack. Loves to play (still) and puts up with almost anything my children throw (literally) at him.

His best friend is Tina the dog.

This pic is a few weeks old now but pretty much all I've been reading lately is Real Living magazines and trashy books (i.e., the Fifty Shades of Grey series.)

It's a wonder that I ever get any reading done around here but one thing is guaranteed, that I will always have my "snuggle buddy" with me. 

So my little fur buddy, Thank you for all the warm cuddles.

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