Monday, 30 July 2012

Maybe He's Going To Be A Landscaper?

Yesterday I weeded the front garden at our house which was desperately overdue. In fact I'd go as far to say that it was starting to become a 60% weed ratio to 40 plants! Oops!

Lucky for me however, I had my trusty old weeding buddy with me...that would be my 1 year old son Ewan! He hogged the shovel, ate the weeds and generally got in the way but he had a ball (and was occupied whilst I did the actual work!)

Ta da! A weeded garden. I can tick that job off the list now.
The keeper of the garden - Doc
For hire: One slightly dirty weeding apprentice. Going cheap!
The front garden used to be lawn but a little over a year ago (when I was 6 months preggers!), Roge, his Dad Trev and I transformed it over one long weekend. It made such a difference to our house though and was inexpensive to put together. The biggest thing was the labor and because we had that covered, it cost only a few hundred dollars. In summertime when it all flowers, I'll give you the full tour.

Now I'm off to the shack to have a well earned rest after a busy weekend. Happy Monday everyone, I hope your week is fun.


  1. Hey Stranger. How have you been?

    I would love to hire your little weeding apprentice to help with our backyard :)
    I love it when I see that you have a new post up, I always love reading your blog.

    Your front yard looks beautiful, love the fence too.

    1. Hi Dahra, so nice to hear from you! Thanks so much for your support and compliments, it makes me feel all good inside! I love sharing our adventures although I can't for the life of me think why anyone else would want to read about them! hahaha!

      We're well apart from a bit of the winter blues at times. I really want some good weather, even if it's just for one day :(

      The weeks have been flying by and I can't believe today is August already. OMG, I'm going to be 50 before I know it, it seems to be going that fast!! (I'm so dramatic aren't I!)

      How about you? All good up in "tha Port"?


  2. Wow, that's your front yard? Gorgeous Alex! (well done Roger & co!) I'm so used to seeing these North American front yards now, all squares of neat grass, occasionally a garden bed or some bushes, and no fences. I think it's mostly to make shovelling snow easier but I think they're also very reluctant to do anything different from their neighbours.

    Ewan looks like a very calm helper! When Hugh goes for the two pot plants on the balcony (one, mini tomato plant, the other, oregano), he immediately digs his hands in and sprays dirt everywhere. And tries to pull the plants up. But, I can see how that would be handy if they were weeds! Ewan is so cute. And in that jumper, I just want to snuggle him! :)

    1. Hi Shan.

      That jumper is from Target which isn't the most glamorous store but it seems to have a great range of kids clothes...and at a great price. Bonus! I love it too (the jumper).

      Yep that's our front yard but it hasn't flowered yet so it's a bit plain at the saying that, I designed it so that even in the winter, it still has beauty because the foliage on the plants are so textural and colourful. It's also a drought proof garden so I didn't have to water it in summer. Double bonus!

      It's a pretty simple garden but I am proud of it and it makes a huge difference to the front of the house given that it was just lawn before. I didn't do a traditional front garden for this type of house because the house has been modernised so much (even tho it's a period house) that it wouldn't have suited it to have hedges, roses etc.

      Anyhoo, you'll get to see it in it's full beauty in the next few months when the kangaroo paws flower, the japanese maple gets leaves and the silver plants get their pretty little buds. I'll take lots of pics :)

      How are you guys? Hugh sounds delightful and trust me, Ewan is just as much of a "wrecker" as Hugh by the sounds of it. I have to keep a close eye on him!