Saturday, 4 August 2012

Beautiful Gifts For A Beautiful Boy

Remember my post about Ewan's first birthday and I mentioned that a friend (Kate) made Ewan the most awesome presents, well I discovered she has put photos of them on her blog:

I LOVE them and they suit Ewan's room so well, the cushion in particular.

How lucky am I to have such thoughtful and clever friends. Kate's skills are so much better than mine. Thanks again Kate!

Also here's a pic of the beautiful celebration cards all lined up on his toy/bookshelf which I took for his photo album but I thought I's share with you because they look so lovely.

It's Roge's birthday this weekend so we're off to the shack to celebrate with friends. It's pouring with rain here today so it's not he best time to be at the beach shack but I'm sure we'll still have loads of fun. Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. I'm glad you liked them Alex. Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend.