Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Boy's Room Evolves....Again!

Months ago I bought some second hand (retro) single beds for the boys with the intention to go full "Mark Tuckey" on them by stripping them back, replacing the panelling and the ugly metal base. Unfortunately I haven't had any spare time so I've had to give them a quick mini makeover and set them up without giving them the overhaul that I'd planned. However at the end of the day, I'm pretty happy with them with only a quick touch up. Lets see what you think.

The bedhead before TLC
Such a simple thing, using a bit of left over charcoal exterior paint and hey presto, they've come to life again. I love paint! 

The bedhead after TLC!

I'm the most useless blogger in the world I'm sure. I'm so time poor (I use my iPhone for photos, lol). With a small window of opportunity between tidying and the whirlwind that is my children, I take a few snaps and hope that they will be ok enough to shove on the blog!

Anyhoo, my point is, the photos aren't great but this is the end result. Beds in and linen on. Looks pretty comfy eh?

I've purchased cheap valances from Kmart to cover the unattractive metal base which 1, looks pretty cool but 2, acts as a cubby house for the kids (bonus)! They love hiding under there, I often hear giggles and soft voices from under the cloth although I'm yet to find one or the other asleep under there (but I'm anticipating it).

A quick rearrange of the bookshelves and the room has a new vibe. No longer baby and toddler, it's two big boys in their big boy beds.

PS, the beds cost $45 each which I think is a pretty good buy. $15 for valances and the linen we had already. Good looking and inexpensive, perfect combo. LOL


  1. Wow the bedroom looks great - well done.

  2. Wow the bedroom looks great - well done.

  3. Thank you! They're lucky little boys that's for sure. Last week I lay in one of their beds and I was like "this is better than my bed"! I might have to swap lol ;)