Saturday, 28 November 2015

Summer Is Near and So My House Gets A Mini Makeover

Well Christmas is well and truly on our doorstep again, where did this year go? 

My blog has been quiet of late but that doesn't mean that stuff hasn't been going on. Quite the opposite really. The downstairs reno has been chugging along really well and the bulk of it is now finished. One day soon I plan on cleaning it and showing it to you. Maybe next week after the last of the trades should be finished.

I've been in the veggie patch most weekends and the jungle has finally been tamed. I've started picking the first of this season's produce which is always such a satisfying feeling after all the hard work.

I've also been moving things around, making Gumtree purchases and "Summer-fying" my house (clearly my own made up word - good eh!) Goodbye fluffy, cozy carpets and welcome jute mats.

My lounge has got itself a new couch (Gumtree) and the jute rug is from Kmart. The Bonnie and Neil art is actually just a tea towel in a frame and of course, lots of indoor plants (which I love). I'm going for a neutral and "cool" kinda vibe, you can't half tell eh!

Here in Tasmania we have sooooo many amazing handcrafted products available to purchase. My budget doesn't always extend to be able to buy as many as I'd like but I'd been eyeing off this little stool by Endemic Design for a long time and recently decided to splash out and get it. It's pretty much my fave purchase for 2015. 

With Christmas around the corner I've made another advent calendar for the kids. Last year I filled the bags with toys, stickers and all sorts of fun stuff but all they ever got excited about was the days that had chocolate coins! So this year I've kept it simple and it's lots of gold coins (and a few lollipops thrown in there for the fun of it.)

So that's a bit of a snapshot of what's been going on around the house of late. I'm really loving being here and have been feeling a lot more positive about the place since downstairs has started to really come together. 

This weekend is shack time for the first time in ages. I can't wait because frankly I need a break before the madness that is Christmas starts. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Love all your indoor plants! So lush and thriving!

  2. Hey Alex, how do you cope with local wildlife and your veggie garden? Do they destroy or eat much? Quolls possums pademelons etc or are they just a bother in more rural areas? Xx kel

    1. Hi Kel, great to hear from you!

      My garden has been trial and error to say the least. I have good fences and a dog which keeps the wallabies out (mostly, we have had the odd raid on the cabbages!) I have a possum too which does raid my peach tree but it still leaves us more than enough so that doesn't bother me. I have bird netting over all of the berries which keeps almost everything out bar the ants but they don't do much damage BUT my big issue is quolls. I've lost 16 poultry in the last 12 months despite having a door on the coup and being vigilant about locking them up. Sadly, it's been a bit opportunistic and I've had to learn the hard way on how to manage it. I think I've worked out how to prevent any further incidents (but that's what I say every time, lol). As heartbreaking as it is, we live in their territory so I just have to adapt and accept they have to survive too. So much like my rural mates, we all have our occasional pest issues.

      In re reading my comment I've realized im being very diplomatic. Truth is, in the moment when I realize that my cabbages are eaten or my chooks are dead, I wanna blast the little critters into oblivion (lol) but the neighbours might start worrying if I do that!

      Anyhoo, back to the madness. Thanks for sending me a message :)

    2. Love your honesty......when my dogs get into our veggie patch I'm so cross and cranky, some unimaginable things cross my mind! Haha! So sorry about the chooks! Those quolls must be especially sneaky to keep getting in! Hope the next patch up job works! Xx kel