Monday, 19 October 2015

Home Made Orange Cleaning Spray

Due to my dislike of waste, I often try new little experiments. A few months ago when citrus fruits were in season, I started collecting our peels in a jar. When the jar was full, I'd top it up with a stick of cinnamon and some white vinegar. I left this combo to brew in the cupboard for a few months and hey presto, I've made my own citrus cleaning spray (strain first).

It's very strong and could almost be watered down a bit. I've left mine full strength and I'm using it as a heavy duty cleaner when I need a cleaner with a bit more oomph. Best three things about it: 1 - it was as good as free to make, 2 - it smells great and 3 - well, it makes cleaning a little easier!

Today is a glorious, sunny Spring day in Tasmania. I've taken the boys to the park to expel some of the crazy energy they have, I've spent some time in the veggie patch and now whilst the boys are napping, I'm having a cuppa and a sit down. If only every day was like this but alas, work tomorrow and the mayhem that goes along with that! Happy Monday everybody. 

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