Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Faux Plastic Wrap

In July I decided to start cutting back on my household's plastic consumption. There were many reason for it but the crux of it is that I have a environmental conscious but I also worry about what plastic is doing to our health. I can happily say that my house consumes much less plastic since taking on the challenge and I'm always finding new ways to reduce more.

My latest project required me to get a little crafty. I saw an idea for reusable food covers that can be used instead of single use plastic (Glad-wrap) using only some old scraps of cotton material and some pure beeswax.

The idea is that you grate the beeswax and sprinkle it over the cotton (which you've cut into pretty little circles). Then in a low heat oven (I set mine at 80 degrees celsius), you let the beeswax melt over the cotton (I used a little paint brush to help the process to get an even coverage)

Voila, you have reusable food covers which you can use instead of single use plastic. The heat of your hands moulds the wraps over your bowl, cheese, fruit or whatever you're needing to cover. Then once you're done you give them a quick wipe with a cold damp cloth and shove them in a drawer until you need it next time.

I'm totally loving mine and when I look in my fridge every day, it looks sooo pretty! One note, it's not recommended to use them on meat but everything else is ok. They should last up to a year if you care for them properly. They were cheap to make too so lets hope that not only am I doing my health and the environment a favour but my hip pocket now that I'm no longer buying plastic wrap or bags.

Here's the original link to my plastic free blog post if you missed it as well as the link to the Mommypottamus blog that I found my instructions on. She has much prettier pics than I do! LOL

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