Friday, 2 October 2015

Chair Renovation Complete

A month (or so) ago on one of my op-shop trips I found these awesome old mid century chairs, made by iconic Australian designers, Burgess Furniture. Whilst an ugly duckling in their 80's grandma renovated fabric, I could see the potential in them immediately (with a little TLC).

Out came the steel wool, turps and linseed oil. A bit of elbow grease later you can see the difference in timber colour with a bit of love (left one un-renovated and right one with a scrub 'n oil!)

The final step was to recover and voila, fancy new (old?) retro chairs. 

I still don't know where I'm going to house them but once the downstairs reno is finished, I'm thinking that I'll find a good spot for them there.

Today the kids and I are vegging out at home with some movies. Actually that's a lie, the kids are watching movies. I'm re-inspired to get my "ferment on" after reading the new Simplicious book by Sarah Wilson. I got a bit slack over the Winter months but with Spring in the air, I'm feeling motivated again.

PS, the book is fab, it's like she wrote it for me!


  1. Your chairs look amaaaaazing! Where did you learn to upholster?

    1. Ahhhh, I'm not that talented! I had an upholsterer do it for me, lol. That said, I have done simple upholstering before using a staple gun (which is pretty much all the upholsterer did too). They look pretty spiffy now but I'm still not entirely sure where they're gonna go! I'm sure I'll find somewhere :)
      I hope you guys are well. Have a fun weekend