Friday, 31 July 2015

Pimp My Egg Carton

I really love my chooks or as I often refer to them, "the Divas". They are such a funny bunch of little personalities AND the bonus is, they lay me eggs. They're the easiest pets too. They don't need walking and they eat all the scraps! That said, in years gone by I've had a few little hiccups. When we moved into our new house the local peacock kept letting them out of their coop (yes we have a roaming flock of peacocks that terrorise the neighbourhood). I had to door knock many a time to track them down and then last year, a quoll killed my whole diva family. I was devastated. Since then, life in the backyard has settled. The coup has a door with a strong lock on it and that has kept both peacock and quoll at bay.

With a yard full of mainly young hens, I haven't had an egg for months so with great delight, one by one, they have started laying. In celebration of that, I've created myself some special stickers for the tops of my egg cartons.

Such a simple thing but I'm ridiculously excited by them! 

If you're interested in doing something similar I found a store on called Under The Owl Tree who makes these. For twelve large stickers it's cost me $6.60 however the more you buy the cheaper it is and you can get all different sizes.

Today I'm having a quiet day with the kids. Kai is napping and Ewan is reading books whilst I type (ahhh, bliss). Tomorrow will be another story though as I'll be back to dealing with our bomb site (otherwise known as the renovation from hell!) I hope you have a more fun weekend planned than I do!

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  1. Delighted you have hens back in the coop after the quoll disaster. What beautiful eggs (and stickers)!
    I'm sorry to hear the reno is causing stress. Hopefully things are coming along despite the setbacks!