Sunday, 29 March 2015

Planing a New Bathroom

This past week, Roge and I gave ourselves the green light to start planning the renovation of our downstairs area on our retro family home. We are doing a second bathroom-laundry, another bedroom, a new exit, a huge deck, a large workshop and some lined out storage in some of the pokey "waste of space" areas. It's a huge job and we need to do it on a small budget (compared to the upstairs "main living areas" which we let ourselves spend money on good quality finishes.

That's not to say that downstairs will not be good quality finishes. I still want the house to flow well, so we plan on using similar products/look to upstairs but we will have to be more clever about how we spend our money.

I've been labouring over the bathroom-laundry conversion these past few days in particular. I'd planned on doing a smaller, almost identical version of our upstairs (main) bathroom. HOWEVER, I didn't anticipate that a huge majority of the original products would be discontinued. Majorly annoying and there was a lot of swearing when I realised. Yet somehow it was a blessing in disguise. It's given me the chance to create a new bathroom that still has similarities to the original one but allowed me to make everything a whole lot cheaper (and probably realise that I needed to make it a lot cheaper in order to keep to a budget). It's going to be "it's own" bathroom, not just a copy.

The main bathroom
I've bought some discontinued products that I've found at the local Bunnings warehouse that are almost exactly the same ones as I would have bought from Reece plumbing except I saved myself $600+. Winner. Additionally, I've found a second hand light to use instead of buying the same one as I used in the main bathroom, saving myself a further $110.

I can't wait to start putting it all together. I dare say it will be a few months still before we start but I'm off to the plumbing shop on Monday to get the plans drawn up (a free service that they offer) and I think that once it's on paper, it will allow me to start sleeping properly again! I have an over active, easily excited by design brain that doesn't sleep until everything is settled. It can be very tiresome!


  1. Funny you are planning a bathroom reno, as we are currently about to begin the reno of our upstairs/main bathroom (we tackled installing our combined laundry/bathroom in the downstairs last year - reverse order to you!). Can you tell me about this free plumbing plan service? We aren't doing much in the way of moving water lines, etc. but we are moving the sink from one wall to another, and replacing some of the old steel lines that are rusted out (and therefore impeding water flow!). Any hot tips on where to buy bathroom supplies? I've been on the hunt for the cheapest white subway tiles I can find (so far, Bunnings), and also black hexagonal tiles for the floors (so far the only place I can find that even stocks them is Beaumont tiles, and they are NOT cheap!). Excited to be doing tandem renos with you! :)

  2. We recently had a new bathroom installed, but we called in a local plumbing firm and bathroom specialists to do the job for us. They did a fantastic job. It would have cost me a lot more to do it myself, plus I couldn't take any time off work to do the job properly. Good luck with your bathroom.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating

  3. I’ve run into the same issue with discontinued parts in the past, but didn’t have your luck finding alternatives. Great work, and savings to match! I know you want to create a unique aesthetic, but your main bathroom looks so good I wouldn’t fault you in the slightest if you drew inspiration from it.