Friday, 27 March 2015

A Week Of Lunches - No Bread Involved

Recently a friend came to visit who looked a little perplexed when I said we rarely eat bread any more (I was explaining how I'm trying to eat more nutritiously). Very tentatively she asked what we eat for lunch instead? At the time I stumbled a bit as I reeled off a few things that came to mind but in hind-site I think I made it sound fairly boring! Afterwards I thought to myself, I'm going to take a photo of my lunch for the next week because I know my lunches are not boring and they're easy to pre-prepare for a lunchbox or prepare on the spot at home.

Most of what I eat are all pre prepared and stored within the fridge so I can "throw"lunch together quickly. 

 This one is simply cold roasted pumpkin, half an avocado, some sauerkraut, cherry tomatoes and some spinach turnovers (recipe here). 

An omelette (two eggs whisked and ingredients added in the middle whilst it cooks.) I put sautéed mushrooms and cheese in mine. Accompanied with half an avocado, sauerkraut and cucumber.

Left over lamb and vegetable stew (served with polenta) from the night before.

Left over beet and celeriac coleslaw fritters with avocado, tomato, natural yoghurt and a soft boiled egg.

Quinoa with smoked haloumi, chorizo sausage, tomato, rocket, peas and pepitas.

This one is a new favourite of mine. Shredded veggies stir fried and then at the last minute you mix in 2 eggs, 2tbs peanut butter, 2tbs tamari sauce (or soy), 1tbs fish sauce (you can ditch this if you want this dish to be vegetarian) and some nuts. I used cabbage, carrot, zucchini, cauliflower, beans and onion but whatever you have in your fridge/freezer will do.

Lastly, tomato and lentil soup with a piece of zucchini slice.

There's nothing on these plates that my children won't eat either (other than the sauerkraut). I don't believe in catering to what the children want to eat, that said, I deliberately only cook what I know they will have a crack at (no chilli! I learnt that the hard way.)

So there you have it, seven examples of good nutritious lunch meals that don't involve bread. That's not to say bread is a bad food but when you consider that breakfast is usually cereal, lunch a sanga and dinner is pasta or rice you have to wonder whether the overload of high carb (and not high in nutrient) is good for you. Other suggestions for bread free lunches are rice paper rolls, cauliflower rice, pasta free bolognese (use zucchini instead of pasta), soup, caesar salad to name a few!

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