Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Produce Scavenger

Lately I've been scavenging fresh produce (no "bin diving" required!) as I've discovered a few resources which have given me access to lots of FREE produce.

Firstly, I discovered an urban map (online) of public access fruit trees in Tasmania which I used to locate myself some very yummy figs in a local park.

Also, on the way to our shack I noticed that along the side of the roads there were various varieties of apple trees. So yesterday I stopped and picked a huge bag (I could have picked trees and trees of them there were so many).

Lastly, via good old Facebook, I've discovered a page called Launceston Fresh Produce Swap. Through that I've been able to swap my own excess produce for other people's excess produce (fruit mainly cos I don't yet have many well producing trees myself). Even when the person offering their produce didn't want anything of mine, we were able to come to the agreement to swap some pantry items for what I wanted of theirs (nashi pears - yum)! If you're not a Launceston local, I'm sure there would be a similar type page in your area if you do a search.

So along with my own veggie patch and the awesome friends-family who have let me raid their gardens, I've barely had to buy fresh produce for months. It feels so good on many levels to be able to grow and eat our own home grown food. I'm still getting baskets like this every day so the freezer is overflowing. I love my urban backyard farm!

I stole this from the Gardening Australia Facebook page. I love it!

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