Monday, 6 October 2014

Spring Time Freezer Clean Out - Black Cherry Jam

Rainy day, sunny day, rainy day, sunny day and so it goes in a Tassie Springtime. Today is a rainy day so as part of my Spring cleaning (and to pass a few hours), I decided to investigate the freezer.

I had packets and packets of black cherries from two seasons ago that at the time I was too lazy to de pip. This was a huge mistake in hindsight because it's really limited to what I can use them for so they've inhabited the back of my freezer, collecting ice.

Today I decided to pull them all out and make something of them. So what did I make; a trusty batch of jam! I love jam, those who read this blog will know this. I thought that I could make a batch of fresh jam and use them as little gifts for the neighbours at Christmas. That solves two problems; the useless cherries that are taking up precious space in my freezer and a few more Christmas gifts to not have to worry about.


1.5kg Cherries
1.2kg White Sugar
2 Lemons

1 - Stew fruit in a saucepan until soft. Then push the flesh through a sieve or colander to separate the pips.
2 - Put fruit back into the pot and crank the stove up to high. Add sugar and juice of two lemons and stir until sugar has dissolved. Turn heat down so it bubbles happily.
3 - Cook jam for about 20 minutes/until it sets (see tip in my previous blog here.)
4 - Pour into sterilised jars and seal immediately.

I haven't dressed my jams up yet but that can come later. For now I'll store the jam in a dark cupboard until a bit closer to Christmas. That is, all bar one jar which found it's way onto my kitchen bench and slathered all over a fresh loaf of sliced bread. Yummo!

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