Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My New Veggie Garden

I've been working hard in my back yard for the last few months in particular, getting it ready for the Spring/Summer veggie garden. It is a new veggie garden as we moved into the retro house less than a year ago and had other priorities before tackling " the jungle".

A photo flashback shows you what I had to deal with...

The fruits of my labour (or veggies in this case) are paying off as today, less than two months after I started planting out the new garden beds, I've picked my first growth.

It's obviously a fairly large veggie garden in urban living standards but I was happy to sacrifice a good majority of my backyard for the ability to live a little more self sustainably. One third of the yard is veggie garden, another third fruit trees and chooks/ducks and the last third, a clear strip of grass for my kids (although we have converted the front yard into outdoor play area so they don't miss out!)

Today's loot is rocket leaves and radishes. Coupled with an avocado, cucumber, feta, toasted sesame seeds and a basic salad dressing (recipe found in a former blog here), I've made a yummy salad for my tea.

I can't wait to see what my veggie garden delivers me next...

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  1. What an amazing transformation!! Did you do all the work yourself?? I'm seriously impressed. What a beautiful and productive garden you have, Alex!