Monday, 27 October 2014

Home Made Dishwasher Powder

It's wet and dreary here in Tassie today and of course I'm totally unprepared for it. The last week of perfect Spring weather had lulled me into a false sense of security; I've left just about everything I own out in the rain. The sandpit is uncovered, there are bikes, prams and toys strewn through the driveway (all soaking), the BBQ is uncovered and the washing is flapping on the line. Still, it's a welcomed downpour because any day that I don't have to water my veggie garden is a bonus.

Last week I wrote about how I've turned my household chemical free (or at least started the process). I thought I would share my recipe for the dishwasher powder which is working well.


1 1/2 Cups citric acid
1 1/2 Cups washing soda
1/2 Cup sodium bicarbonate
1/2 Cup salt


1 - Mix it all together and put in a airtight jar. If you have a old moisture absorber sachet from a shoebox or vitamin container you can add this to the jar and it will help with reducing clumping.

2 - Add 1-2 Tbs to each load of dishes to be washed. For a lovely smell and to help break down grease, you can add 10 drops of lemon essential oil if you like.

After using the new natural dishwasher powder for over a week now I would have to say that it isn't as good as the supermarket chemical dishwasher tablets HOWEVER, this is not bad comparatively. To compensate for the fact that it isn't quite as effective, I've been making sure that the really dirty stuff has either been rinsed already or I had wash those things. Easy solution and not a biggie.

Buying bulk citric acid is the cheapest way to go. I bought mine online from N-Essentials along with my essential oils. Washing soda is found in the laundry isle at the supermarket, as is sodium bicarbonate and salt. 

So why not make the switch. It's cost effective, better for your health and the environments. Bonza!

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