Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New Blankets for Winter

It's been busy, busy, busy in our household of late. Nothing significant, just day to day stuff but my list of "to do" things isn't getting any smaller (unfortunately).

Over the weekend we went down to our shack for a bit of a break. I don't feel like we get there nearly enough now days but it's always a breath of fresh air (literally) when we do.

It's Winter here in Tassie and before we left for the shack, I popped into Kmart to get a few new blankets for the kids beds. Not the usual place that I'd go for linen however I'd seen some cute blankets in their catalogue and they were only $18 each!

Soft coral fleece on the top side and faux wool on the other, they make the beds look nice and cosy. They also have a lovely little camping theme which is sort of appropriate since we're at the shack (although the shack is a whole lot nicer than camping in a tent!!)

The beach in Winter has a special sort of feeling about it and we had a really peaceful break. However, it was back to the madness of the daily grind again Monday but feeling rejuvenated at least.


  1. I've just been thinking lately about how lovely the winters here are. I had forgotten - or rather, I'd remembered them as much less pleasant. It's all relative I guess; now that I've experienced all those Canadian winters, Tassie ones are just so nice!! Though I think it gets colder in Lonnie/where my parents live.

    Love Ewan's tee-pee! Did you make that? Ages ago I found, at Freedom, these little kids' indoor tents - a princess-themed one and a spaceship one. Only $20 so I got Hugh the spaceship one; I think I'll give it to him at Christmas. Not quite as nice as your au naturale one but still lots of fun I think!

    Love those blankets - love how the theme matches! Kmart is very handy for things like that! I just popped in today to get a couple of their outdoor chairs - only just managed to squeeze them into the car by moving all the seats around! Grrr for sedans. I miss my old station wagon on days like this!

  2. Hi Shan (again!)

    Yes I made the tee pee but its a bit rough. It's a bit of fun though! That said, a sheet and a few chairs achieves the same fun (which we often do too!)


  3. I love making forts out of furniture! We have a sad lack of space at the mo - the best I can do is create and cave between the couch and the coffee table/blanket box using my legs and a blanket! Well Hugh's young enough to think that's super fun, at least! ;)