Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Standard Burgers, Hobart, Tasmania

I haven't done one of these type posts for ages (because rarely go anywhere any more!) but I couldn't not put a shout out to this new little burger joint in Hobart which served me up the most amazing and inexpensive lunch last week.

The Standard is down Hudson's lane in Hobart City Centre (off Liverpool street) and are set up in the open at the end of the ally (essentially). It's simple and groovy (and that's before I even go into talking about the burgers).

Based around the premise of serving simple, American style burgers and fries, I have to say, they do what they do well. I loooooovvvved the chicken burger and Roge said the beef burger was also to die for.

This pic off their Facebook site. I was too busy eating my burger to stop and take a pic of it!
Did I mention they make all their stuff from scratch, right down to the bread. I like that.

Ewan had a serving of fries. He loved them although I wasn't a fan. To me they looked and tasted like the dregs at the bottom of the chip cooker. What can I say, I like my chips chunky and to taste more like potato! 

This meal was not for the health conscious but if you want a good quality, inexpensive and quickly served burger, they're definitely the place to go.

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  1. (Crap, I just posted a comment and it vanished!)

    Bummed you were in town and I missed you - flying visit?

    Haven't heard of this place but that's hardly surprising, I don't get out much! This certainly looks and sounds cool; good prices too which you don't see often (especially considering they make from scratch). Not a hamburger fan, me. I like a chicken burger that has a real piece of chicken in it, but otherwise I can't eat them. I'm a bit funny with mince. :P