Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hummus with Crostini

Winter, as lovely as it is, always makes me feel a bit "blah" and lately more so usual. So, I've made a decision to recalibrate my body and I'm going to do this by cutting out sugar (more specifically fructose) from my diet.

I know, I know, "why" everyone asks in horror. The answer is simply, I've been reading way too much of the latest "hype literature" and whether it's correct or just that, a hype, there's no denying that we (I) eat way too much sugar and it's not good for us.

I know within myself that I'm not ever going to say that I will not eat Cadburys chocolate ever again because that would be a lie. I intend on taking a fairly extreme run at this for the first couple months, let my body reset, see if I start feeling a little better (I'm hoping so) and then I hope that I can reintroduce the odd sweet treat again.

The other reason why I'm attacking sugar over say gluten or dairy, (which I've had issues with both in the past) is because I find giving up sugar far easier than the others. I'm hoping that ridding myself of sugar means I can keep the rest!

Anyhoo, this week, I've started my sugar free experiment. So far so good. I think they key for me is going to be making sure I have plenty of pre prepared snacks available and I need to make time to eat breakfast. I don't know about the other mothers out there but I find the mornings to be so frantic that I often neglect myself.

So with that in mind, yesterday I made a really nice hummus and with some left over home made sour dough, I made crostini to spread my hummus onto. It was delish!


1 Can of Chickpeas drained and washed
2 Tbs Natural Yoghurt
1/2 Tsp Paprika
1/2 Tsp Lemon Juice
1 Tbs Olive oil
1 Garlic Clove crushed up

1 - Blend together in a food processor.

Additionally, you can add more lemon, harissa or a cooked and peeled beetroot to make different variations of flavour in your hummus.


Old sourdough/bread sliced thinly
A few Tbs butter melted

1 - Toss all together so the bread has a coating of butter
2 - Cook in a 180 degree oven for 15-20 minutes.

So my sugar free adventure has begun. The best thing about it; you can still have wine!


  1. Good on you for doing it, Alex, I can confidently say you'll feel wonderful for it!

    I've done this a couple of times. I went carb-free for a month before getting pregnant and lost a fair bit of weight, which was nice, but then I got pregnant... (Actually I didn't eat much when I was pregnant, no cravings or interest in food, but after giving birth my diet was terrible.) When Hugh was about six months old I went sugar-free for several weeks and lost a bit of baby weight. The last time I tried it didn't last very long, sadly. I seem to lack will-power, but also I'm always hungry. I find the older I get the harder it is to break that cycle and resist fake hunger pangs (I think they're fake, anyway, because clearly I'm not starving!).

    The other thing for me is that cutting out carbs (which is sugar too) and/or sugar (junk food) always turns me into a real bitch. I get so crabby, which I just have to ride out. Trouble is Adam always forgets why I'm so crabby and it creates tension in the house. Sigh. I've definitely cut back still but then I'll have a day of weakness and it'll undo everything. I have found, though, that chocolate doesn't taste as good anymore. Makes you realise just how sweet (or salty) things really are!

    But I know my worst problem is quantity - as in meal size. I shouldn't eat meals as big as Adam's, but I do. Especially if I have been good all day with no snacking etc., makes me hungry! Ugh, there's no easy way to do it is there? I just wish I were stronger and more self-disciplined.

  2. Hi Shan,

    Errghhh, don't get me started on bad diet/eating wrong things/eating wrong portions. I think the quest for the perfect diet (for me) will be a life long event. I guess, all we can do is try different things and see what works the best at the time?

    For me losing weight is not the aim but would be a nice side effect. Plus when I lose weight I tend to lose it where I don't want to lose it (boobs) and not where I DO want to lose it (bum, stomach and thighs!) I'd just love to have lots of energy and less vague in the head. That seems to be the biggest contributor to my "blah".

    So far so good though. I haven't had cravings since day two but I'm not exactly eating healthy, just sugar free. I still have bread, cream, cheese, butter etc. I'm finding the fattier the better at the mo. Still, I'm still eating healthier than I have been.

    So as we speak I have a nice pot of roasted garlic, onion and potato soup on the stove. I better go blend it and devour it before I start thinking about lollies!

    See ya Sunday


    1. I have to agree with you! And I know what you mean about "blah". I've especially been struggling with a lack of energy lately.

      Have you posted that soup recipe before? Would love to try it, sounds yum-o!

      Yes see you bright and early on Sunday (you won't want any of the cake, it's loaded with sugar! There will be healthier things to eat though!).