Thursday, 19 June 2014

"Glamming" Up The Ordinary

I love amber glass and have had my eyes peeled at the op shop for an old glass medicine bottle for ages (to use as a vase). Seems that I didn't actually have to look anywhere but in my own cupboard because last night when having a clean out, I realised that my old pregnancy vitamin container was in fact a glass amber medicine bottle!

After a quick removal of all the plastic and labels it looks like this, a perfect amber medicine bottle, ripe to be used as a vase!

A small length of jute string wrapped around the rim and a cutting of succulent later, it has been repurposed as a vase. Better than being added to my recycling bin which is where it was destined if I didn't have my lightbulb moment!
Other little things I've done of late:

Old hand wash refills now house my laundry products

A spaghetti tin has become a succulent planter

And a few more old medicine bottles have been turned into mini vases. That's what I call "glamming" up the ordinary!

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