Thursday, 6 February 2014

Retro House Kitchen and Dining Room

The retro house (my new family home) has a new kitchen and whilst floor plan and budget restricted me slightly, Im still super happy with the result. Especially when I remember what it WAS like...

...And where it is now, it's come along way.

The lay out is actually really similar to what was already there. The oven, sink and fridge are exactly as they were previously however in the corner where the kettle is now, there was previously a door way into the hall. I ditched it to get more space (you can still enter via the living area). I've put in a whole lot more storage and gone with relatively neutral colours/tones to ensure it won't date too quickly.

It's hard to believe it's still the same space as previously as it feels so much more open now. Gone are those lace curtains which blocked out the North Easterly sun and views.

The large windows were removed and replaced with bi folding doors out onto a concrete patio which extends the living areas.

The splash back tiles are the same as the ones used in the bathroom and they are a nod to the white/grey bricks on the exterior of the house. I believe in only using a few main materials in a house renovation in order to create unity and flow between the different areas. You'll notice (if you haven't already) that I've used the same paint colour, same tiles, same timber veneer in the joinery, same light fittings and same flooring throughout the house. Some might say this is boring but I much prefer it (and it's easier to plan). Also doing it this way doesn't mean it all looks the same, I think all my rooms although similar, still have their own personality/look. What do you think?

The floors were stripped back to polished timber, new double glazed windows and doors installed, cornice removed, floor to ceiling joinery placed all along one wall (helps to create the sense of space) and voila, a kitchen I'm very happy with. Still on the modern side rather than retro however the use of timber veneer cupboards, the handle cut outs on the pantry doors and keeping the architraves/skirting boards in timber (rather than painting them white) are all a nod to the retro era.

As much as I love to see how far we've come in this reno, there is still sooooo much more to do and for me that is a mix of exciting and daunting. Plus I'm running out of money so I'm going to have to get a bit more clever from here on in. Watch this space!

Don't forget to check out the other rooms that have been completed in the retro house. Bedrooms, Hallway and Bathroom.


Bi Fold Doors  $3200
Kitchen          $8655
Sink                  $179
Benchtop          $4839
Oven/Rangehood/Dishwasher $4587
Windows          $3000
Splashback tiles $99
Lighting            $300
Electrician          $500
Plumber            $4000

Total  $30000 approx


  1. This is really nice and sort of similar to our soon to be kitchen. I really like the pendant lights you used, where ae they from?

  2. Also, who did you get to polish your floor boards and did you have any tints or is this the natural colour of the wood?

    1. Hi Simon.

      I bet you can't wait to get stuck into doing your own kitchen soon, it will make a huge difference to your life!

      The pendants are from Beacon Lighting and are a range called Espresso. They are a replica of the classic Tom Dixon pendant (have a google and check them out). Totally affordable at approx $110 each.

      The floors I had done by a guy called Beau (can't remember his business name). I've used him before and he is very good. Number is 0417506340. The floors are not tinted, they are Tas oak (the original boards) and they have a satin polyurethane on them. Satin is my finish of choice. It's dull enough to not show up to much dirt/scratches but still looks really spiffy. Beau works really hard to sand the floor boards several millimetres to get the timber as light as possible but because these rooms get a fair bit of sun and because the timbers are 45 years old, they've come up in this rich honey colour. I'm really happy with it.

      Good luck and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

      Alex :)

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