Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Stitch In Time

Recently I was scrolling through one of my latest favourite design websites and came across a cool pair of embroidered pillowcases where one case says "Mr" and the other says "Mrs". "That's a pretty cool idea" I think to myself and then I look at the price tag and the the wind gets knocked out of me (a bit dramatic but lets just say, it 'twas a bit expensive for two white pillowcases with a few words embroidered on them!) I then think, "bugger it, I can do that" and so my latest gift idea is born.

One trip to the Sheridan Outlet and I have two cool pillowcases

I then downloaded a nice font and print up the word I'm going to embroider. In this case, I've decided to use the name of the person who is lucky enough (ha) to be my guinea-pig for this exercise!

I transfer my printed template onto the centre of one of the pillowcases, lightly writing out the word in pencil first before starting to embroider. I have never embroidered in my life so I go with an easy stitch (back stitch) which I found a demo of on this site.

The final result!

It didn't take too long, maybe an hour and now I'm inspired to do all sorts of things with this new found embroidering skill.

The final touch was to wrap it all pretty and send it off to the lovely Olivia.

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