Friday, 31 January 2014

The Retro House Upstairs Bedrooms

Our renovation of the retro house is still very much ongoing (and probably will be for many years yet!) We have spent a huge chunk of our budget already doing all the main areas like kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. The joinery was a huge expense (but well worth it) and we have also installed new double glazed windows and doors throughout. 

When we started we had specific ideas about who would inhabit each bedroom but since moving in, we want to change it all around again. For that reason, I have not started decorating because the "master bedroom" at it stands is actually going to be a shared children's room, Ewan's current room will be a spare room and when we embark on the downstairs renovation, we are going to make that the master suite/parent retreat. 

The "master suite" is HUGE at 6.4m x 4.3m. The children (when they move in) will have more than enough room to sleep as well as spread out all their toys. We've had one end of the room wired up with TV antennae etc so they can eventually have their own entertainment set up. That will mean that limited toys and cartoons will have to come into the living areas. 
The wardrobes although expensive were a awesome investment because they limit the amount of belongings needed on display and therefore the house seems a lot less cluttered. Currently Baby Kai sleeps with us. The cot is a Stokke sleepi cot (looks great but isn't the most practical cot in hindsight!)
This the bedroom now. Yes that is a queen sized bed but it "swims" in the huge space of the master room. A lot more room for other furniture still.
This was what the room looked like. Eeeek, that wallpaper was a doozie.
Ewan's room (which will eventually be a spare room) is a cosy 3.3 x 3.6m. One whole wall is taken up by wardrobes which still allows for plenty of room space.
Kip and co doona cover in "bananas". Love.

This room has a view to boot. 
Whilst undecorated, these rooms still have a simple beauty which I'm enjoying. The wardrobes are a piece of beautiful furniture in themselves and the combo of the new carpet, freshly painted walls and big open windows beckons my imagination to think about the endless decorating possibilities. So for now, we will sleep within a relatively simple space until the downstairs master suite is created and by then, I'm sure I'll be champing at the bit to decorate, decorate, decorate to make these rooms more personalised.


Wallpaper Steamer Hire $56
Wardrobe                         $3317
Spray finish                 $917
Instal labour                 $630
Fancy Wardrobe Knobs     $180
Door                                 $276
Carpet (both bedrooms)    $3360
Spare room:
Wardrobe                         $2138
Spray finish                 $917
Instal labour                 $630
Fancy Wardrobe Knobs $180
Door                                 $276

Total                                $12877 (not including plaster work, painting and new windows which I'll include with the overall cost later)

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