Friday, 24 January 2014

It's That Time Of Year - Blueberry Picking

It has to be said that one of Tassie's more alluring features is it's quality food and drink. I love this time of year with all the roadside signs, advertising the fresh fruit and veg. One place I always ritually await for the sign to appear is Crestview Berries. I'm not entirely sure why it's "berries" cos the only actual berry they sell are blueberries but my oh my, what a berry! It's a pick your own, $6.50KG affair and I LOVE IT. Why? Well, it's a fantastic feeling knowing where my food comes from, I'm supporting a local business and most importantly, food always tastes better freshly picked.

Today I "dumped" the children with their grandparents, packed my step ladder, iPod and set off to Lilydale, Tasmania (note you don't need to take a step ladder but I do because the biggest and juiciest berries are always at the top - far higher than I could reach without the ladder!) Two hours later and I have 10kg picked for my freezer. Mind you, not all go in the freezer, a few kilo don't make it. Mmmmm.

A little friend I made along the way
Crestview berries will be open until the end of February for any locals who are keen to see what it's all about. I'd always recommend ringing first though because although they advertise as being open 7 days a week, they're often not. They supply the buckets so all you need to take is some family/friends to chat with as you pick (or your iPod if you're doing a solo mission), a hat and sunscreen. I'd also wear proper shoes as there are ants that bite (occasionally).

Crestview is located on Main Rd, Lilydale (about 5KM past the centre of town - there are obvious signs). Their phone number is 03 63951407.

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