Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Retro House Entrance Hall

The new retro house has had a few improvements since we took ownership a few months ago and one of the areas that we've completed is the entrance hall. It is the main entry point, houses stairs that go downstairs and it is the bridge between the sleeping zone and the living zone of our house.

From the living area looking back towards the sleep zone.
This is what is used to look like when you walked in the front door
Now it looks like this. We plastered over the old entrance to the kitchen (where the picture on the wall hangs is where it used to be). The kitchen entrance is now off the living area. A new timber screen was erected from floor to ceiling which makes the ceiling seem a lot higher than it actually is. We also removed all the plaster cornice and square set the corners which again, makes the ceilings seem a lot higher (they are only 2.4m high which is minimum height)
Looking back at the front door. Are there windows under all that lace?
There sure are and wow how beautiful are they without those ugly curtains. It also looks so much better without the carpet and with the polished boards. We've had the windows double glazed so no curtains required!
The old light fittings and you can also see the old (gross) cornice.
I now have a elegant copper pendant light above the stair well. The pendant is one I found at a second hand store mid last year and the electrician restored it for me. It looks stunning behind the screen when it is lit up at night.
Ignoring the baby gate and the bottom of the stairs (which is clearly not yet renovated), the hallway is so simple but makes for a gorgeous entrance to our house.
It's certainly a darn sight better than it was!!

So there's a look at the entrance hallway to the new retro house. Maybe more modern than retro but I think the pendant and the large knobs on the linen cupboard are a nod to the retro beginnings of the house. That's all I really want to do in a way, create a modern house that has a few retro touches. Let's face it, if I wanted a retro house, I wouldn't have renovated it in the first place!


Linen Cupboard $1342.12
Spray finish         $917
Instal labour         $630
Fancy Wardrobe Knobs $120
Floors                 $800
Screen Timber         $400
Lighting/sparky         $500
Plaster/paint etc        $300

Total                        $5000


  1. Looks fantastic Alex! I'm not sure why you got rid of that beautiful purple colour though! Eek! Also we have a glass front door at the moment and I hate it, there is no running from the pesky door knockers or that Aunty I didn't know was visiting when my house is disgusting. I know yours isn't glass but all that glass next to it? I love love love that copper light! xx

    1. Hi Holli,

      You know, the glass isn't nearly as bad as you would think (for privacy). It's tinted grey for a bit extra privacy, it can't be seen from the road and when you get to the door you can only see a view straight forward (and that is the screen). The bedrooms and bathroom is down the other end and not visible. The lounge/kitchen is all hidden too. AND lets face it, if anyone came along that I wanted to hide from, curtains or not, my children would spoil any attempt to seem like we're not home!

      We used to have a glass door at the old house and that was far worse, anyone on the street could see right into the house. My mum caught Roge doing a nudie dash from the bathroom to the bedroom on many occasions!!!

      I hope all is well, I'm loving your blog. You really are a super mum.


  2. I agree. Those windows beside your front door really look gorgeous without curtains on it. And in my opinion, it adds a welcoming mood of the surrounding environment. Sweet! With this done, do you have other plans for renovation?