Thursday, 2 May 2013

The "Nesting" Starts Again - Sorting Out My Spice Box

I'm always looking for better storage and organisation, that's just me (a little bit of a tidy freak). I remembered from a TV interview AGES ago, Donna Hay (celebrity chef) saying that she organises her spices in alphabetical order. Considering my spice box looked like a HUGE mess, I stored her little tip upstairs for "ron".

When I went to the op shop earlier this week, I found an old plastic file which had all the alphabetical tabs for a whole $2...bargain! 

Unfortunately I got about 4 packets of spice filed in the former office box before I realised it wasn't going to be big enough to hold all of them. Instead I decided to use an old CD box I had along with the alphabetical tabs.

The sandwich bags are to put the opened packet of spices into so they don't spill everywhere.

I chose to tip some of the jars of spices into the sandwich bags too as it was less bulky that way.

Voila, a perfectly sorted spice box. Now I don't have to rummage through my old box looking for the spice I need.

I'd recommend you check the dates on your spices if you decide to do this too. I found that almost half of mine were well out of date. Guess what is on my shopping list this week, a whole lot of new spice packets!

It only took a few minutes to sort out my spices into perfect order which has given me that good old feng shui feeling. Four more weeks until this baby arrives, I wonder what else I can find to organise...


  1. *groan* spices, the bane of my attempts to keep an organised kitchen! We have a whole shelf of them, we put them into glass jars leftover from olives and things, and just wrote on them, but then you never know how old they are, AND the jars get all greasy because they're on a shelf near the stove.

    In my mental fantasy land, I would have a clever drawer full of small square containers with labelled lids (and a way to put the date on when refilling), that you can take out one by one, or just open the lid and dip a spoon into. Wouldn't that be cool? Ah one day ...! (A girl can dream can't she?) ;)

    Do you have a dream-kitchen wish list? Mine's huge and very specific, but I'm always looking for new ideas. The kitchen in our rental flat drives us nuts, but you certainly get a good idea for what you DO want!

    1. It's interesting you ask me that Shan as I'm currently in a position where I am considering buying my first "long term house". All our houses have always been investments and we've never purchased anything with the mindset that it would be for longer than it takes us to get it renovated. HOWEVER, keen to settle into a slightly bigger house for our boys where we aren't on top of each other I've found a really good candidate....but it needs a cosmetic overhaul inside.

      So that brings me to kitchens. I've been thinking about what I would do with the kitchen if we do buy this house and I'm surprised at myself because I know what I like in a kitchen but I don't actually have a "dream kitchen". I realise I'm terribly practical and a little budget conscious which means I would never buy a custom kitchen with all the bells and whistles. That said...a big oven, stone bench top and lots of cupboards and drawers are high up there on the "necessity list"!

      I'm sure I'll come up with a better idea of what I want when I get my head out of the "investment" hemisphere!