Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Blue Cafe, Launceston Tasmania

Blue cafe is a foodies delight that most of Launceston residents would have sampled before (more than once I suspect) so I have exciting news...Blue cafe has recently got a new menu and it's AWESOME! That said, I've only sampled the breakfast (twice) in the last month but both times it's been amazing. I'm keen to get back for lunch and try what is on offer.

Blue for those who are not familiar with it, is a cafe set on the Old Inveresk Tram site which is home to part of the University Tasmania campus and Launceston museum. It backs onto the show-grounds, the Mowbray cricket club and Aurora stadium to name another few major community hot spots that reside on the site.

It's a cafe that has always been consistent for good food and coffee but I have to say, this latest menu is my favourite so far. You see, when I go out for breckie, I want to eat something that I can't make at home. Blue has delivered on this front.

The decor is also a favourite of mine. The building is layers of old concrete but with the polished floors and loads of timber furniture, it has a warmth that you wouldn't expect.

Not only has the decor been carefully and perfectly put together, I love, love, love the platters that the meals arrive on, made from Tassie specialty timbers. Additionally they use lovely rustic ceramics to hold the sugar, salt and pepper which are from the local Tin Shed Pottery which is just a few streets over. It sells pottery from a bunch of talented locals and at really reasonable prices.

Today Roger had the loveliest jaffle/toastie stuffed with spicy beans and the eggs are soft boiled before being deep fried with a side of hollandaise sauce. YUM

I had a calzone stuffed with local Tassie ham and cheese (a calzone is like a soft pizza dough shaped into a pastie like shape), which had a fried egg and chilli relish on the side. It was to die for and so good that I have had it both times I've gone there from breakfast this month, I can't bring myself to try something else!

Overall, Blue cafe is the type of place that you don't feel like you have to cram into like sardines because there is plenty of space. It's sunny all day, the decor is gorgeous, there's always a newspaper to read but most importantly, you will ALWAYS have a really quality meal and not for an excessive price.

Blue cafe menu can be viewed at http://www.bluecafebar.com.au/ and the business is open 7 days for breakfast and lunch. Open twice a week for dinner (Friday and Saturday) and has a special drinks n nibbles menu for visitors after 3pm.

Locals, it's time to sample the new menu so get your butts down to the Inveresk precinct, you can thank me later. Visitors to Tassie, you won't be disappointed. Go discover why Tassie is considered one of the food wonders of the world!

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