Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My Favourite Birthday Gift

If you're a regular reader of my blog you will know that I'm into cooking scones. I've been making lots of different ones in an attempt to find (and master) the perfect scone.

My bestie, Liv has obviously been paying attention because on my birthday last week, she turned up with a few home made gifts (not that you could tell). They are custom made "make your own scone" packages!

I'm so impressed with how she's done it. Lovely little labels and recipes all typed up (apparently you can download online pretty fonts like these if you want something different than your run of the mill ones.) All the dry ingredients have been pre mixed, all that needs to be added is written on the label (ie cream etc).

She's packaged it all in recycled brown paper and cardboard packages, tied together with some simple jute string. She even made those string tassels on the bag which I'm totally in love with.

Such a clever concept and they look far more expensive than what they would actually be to make. This is a great idea for a gift and you can adapt the idea to any type of baking treat. For example if you're friend likes rocky road, you could do the same thing, have all the ingredients ready and package it all lovely, only for them to put together.

The packaging itself is the cool bit. Liv has used regular bits and pieces that you would probably consider to be rubbish; a small brown box left over from a mug she purchased, the old string bag from buying a bag of mandarins etc. It's really the ultimate in recycling.

Today I made the apple and spice sweet scones and they're just lovely. I'm looking forward to trying the traditional lemonade ones next. Apparently the recipe has come from Livvys Nanna who has been baking scones using that method for decades.

Above is the pretty "styled" pic of my scones, below is the "real" picture of my scones....going into my tummy at a rapid rate (smothered in my home made apricot jam)! Haha, they were awesome and I especially liked the cinnamon and sugar topping, sooooo good.


  1. Gosh, and here I was just giving people cookbooks for pressies! (as much as I love this, I do love a good cookbook!) What a lovely gift.

    I've been making cheese-and-mustard scones, blueberry scones, and raspberry-and-white-chocolate scones. The cheese ones always turn out perfectly and are incredible, but my fruit ones are never as perfect as Bill Granger's or anyone else's. They taste great but they don't have that lovely shape. Oh and I always make the big triangular ones. I love to bake but I'm lazy when it comes to rolling and cutting! (and I guess I pick scone recipes that are better suited to big triangles for that reason!)

    1. Yum, they all sound great. I'm really enjoying making scones as I'm discovering that they are quite simple but with loads of taste options. I still need to learn not to overwork the dough though, mine tend to be a bit flat!

      And I totally agree, I'm not into the pretty round scones. I like to cut whatever shape is easiest!

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