Friday, 10 May 2013

Make Way For New Baby

I'm expecting a new baby in 3.5 weeks and thought it about time I put together some sort of "area" for it to reside! That said, I've had most of the stuff it needs from when Ewan was little (all stuffed in cupboards) but I have purchased a few new things for him (yes, a boy) to call his own.

The other thing you probably need to know is that we are a two bedroom household and until the new baby is big enough to reside with his big brother, he will be bunking in with us. That means, I have decided not to create a really "cute baby" kind of set up, but more of a "you'll fit in with Mum and Dad's bedroom" kind of look.

Now, I have a very earthy kind of style and not wanting to compromise too much on how my bedroom looks, I've fit the baby's decor in to suit us, which means it's a lot more neutral and less "baby" than what I would probably create for him if he had his own room. That said, I actually really love how it's come up and how the baby stuff has blended in quite well with the adult room. It doesn't hit you that this is an adult bedroom with a baby stuffed in the corner!

I have decided to put the new bassinet next to the bed so I barely have to move in the middle of the night when he wakes! I didn't have a bassinet when we had Ewan so the Seed Organic cradle is a new addition to our baby items. I purchased it second hand from the local classifieds, Gumtree for $140 which was a really good buy considering these RRP for $350 new. I knew it was the bassinet I wanted through a bit of research so I put an add on Gumtree, asking if anyone had one they wanted to sell and sure enough, had a response. I think this is a really good way to see if you can get what you want without having to wait months, hoping one becomes available (or going out and buying one new). The chest of drawers is one I already had, it used to house photo albums but I've found a new home for them and now it is the new babies. Last addition was a few Autumn leaves which I've stuck onto the wall with Blu-tack. 

In the cradle I have purchased a few new blankets. The one with cute little pictures is by an Austrian designer called David Fussenegger. They usually retail for a fortune in the really fancy home wares stores but I found a few cheap through an eBay seller for $53 each. It sounds expensive but these are organic cotton and actually not a lot more expensive than your average blanket purchased at a baby store. 

The little grey one at the end of the bed is from Waverley woollen mills in Launceston. Since we are having a winter baby, I figure you can never have enough blankets.

Under the cradle I have a large basket, found at an op shop for $4 which I have all the extra linen and warm blankets. It is in great condition and only needed a wash before I was able to put it to use.

I already had these picture frames on the wall but I have now placed a few different pictures in them. The birds are a print a dear friend gave me by an artist called Leah Brown.

The smaller frames have cut out pictures from a Little Golden book in them and a photo of the new baby when he was only 19 weeks in utero. On top of each frame I have stuck some Crayola crayons to again "kiddify" the frames a bit more (subtly)!

Over the other side of the room I have placed a comfortable rocking chair which I purchased off Gumtree for $50. The table was one I had, as is the lamp. 

The blanket is another by David Fussenegger and the cushion by designers Pony Rider (which I already had). I think this spot will be lovely for sunny Winter days when I need a quiet place to relax with bub (rather than out in the hustle and bustle of the main living area).

I've been having so much fun washing all the clothes and putting them away, ready for the arrival. Fortunately I didn't need a thing clothes wise as I had it all from Ewan and it's all still in perfect condition.

So there you have it, my non conventional baby space. I'm pleased with the results and the small amount of money I've had to spend to create it. Most of all, I had lots of fun putting it together whilst Ewan napped today. Now for the baby to come and try it out...


  1. Hi,

    I was
    Just wondering if u were looking to sell your bassinet?

    1. Hi Brooke!

      I've already sold it sorry but if you put a wanted add on gumtree, someone might have one they're ready to sell. That's how I found mine!

      Good luck.


  2. Ok great, I put one up the other day. Fingers crossed someone has one. Thanks for that :)

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