Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pom Pom Garland for The Shack

Pinterest. Why didn't I know earlier about this social media forum that comes in PICTURES?! In the last few days I've been glued to my iPad mini, scrolling pages and pages of photos from all sorts of genres. Cooking, houses, decorating...the options have been endless. 

My most favourite search so far has been toddler bedrooms. Wow, the things people do for their children's bedrooms is amazing and although I can tell a lot of them would have cost a fortune to put together, I was able to find some inspiration for some projects I can complete on a limited budget for the shack.

One of those ideas was to make a pom pom garland so I've been channelling my inner child and making pom poms in every spare second I have over the last two day or two. I had a few balls of random wool in my craft box but I needed some more so I went to the local City Mission op shop and picked up a grey and a mustard coloured ball for a couple dollars.

Then using some cardboard from the weeks breakfast box, I cut two pineapple slice shapes.

I then wrapped the wool around and around through the "pineapple" like this:

Once I'd done a few layers, it was time to try to get the pineapple to look like a pom pom. Using another piece of wool, I thread it through the middle of the two cardboard pieces and started cutting the wool. As you go, make sure you pull the wool between the cardboard tight otherwise the bits of wool you are cutting will go everywhere.

Then when you've cut all the wool off the cardboard, tie together the piece of wool that you have between the cardboard.

Then you have a pom pom!

Once I had a selection of pom poms, I lay another long piece of wool along my hallway and spaced out my pom poms before attaching them to the wool length.

Ta da, a pom pom garland is born! Mine is quite long so I'm going to experiment with hanging it at the shack in a few different ways before deciding whether to keep it long or cutting it into two.

Overall this project cost me $3 for the wool from the op shop which I think is a pretty good investment for such a cute little garland (and I have heaps of left over wool for other projects). I'm about to embark on decorating the last bedroom at the shack and I think it will go nicely in that room. The room is going to have two single beds for the children that come to stay at the shack but that said, I don't want to make it too "child like" because I want the room to still be able to cater for adults too. I also want to "do over" Ewan's shack bedroom so I've got a few more Pinterest inspired projects up my sleeve for that too.

Pinterest is like the best home wares magazine I've ever bought and best of all, it's free. I'm definitely hooked.

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