Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Tee-pee For Ewan's Shack Bedroom

Last weekend I had the most productive sewing day I've had in, like, FOREVER. Roge kept an eye on Ewan for the afternoon and I was sewing like a woman possessed!

I did stacks of stuff, one being a Tee-pee cubby that I made for Ewan. It was one of many new additions that I wanted to make for his bedroom at the shack after discovering Pinterest and getting all inspired.

These are the official instructions that I followed. I purchased the pattern/instructions off ebay but you get enlarge my photo and use them for free!

Roughly translated, here is what they say: buy 2.75 metres of material (if you want to use patterned material you will need double unless you're happy with some of your panels being upside down). Cut the material into two, each being 1.37m high by whatever width your material comes in.

Fold the material in from top and bottom like shown in the pic below.

Then cut along the fold, trying to keep it as straight as possible. I found putting a heavy object on the material to hold it in place (like Roge's big level) helped.

Do this each side of the material and you will then have three pieces as shown in the pic below.

Do the same on your second piece of material. Hem it all at this point (I didn't bother as I overlocked it instead), then sew it all together (but stop stitching about 5 inches from the top as you will need that space to thread poles through). Don't forget to leave an opening for your Tee-pee (only sew that panel half way down). You will end up with a product that looks like this:

Follow step 6 to create a channel to thread your poles through, remembering to stop sewing about 5 inches from the top of the Tee Pee because if you go any higher, you won't be able to fit all the poles through.

I used a few pieces of bamboo that I had laying around for the poles (actually the bamboo was from the outdoor screen which we put up when we did the shack deck renovation). To hold it all up, I used a piece of sisal rope and wrapped it around and around the material where it popped out of the Tee Pee.

Lots of cushions and blankets and viola, a lovely little cubby for my Ewie!

This was a really easy project to put together (especially because I used a plain piece of material, I think if I had have used a patterned one it would have make it a lot harder). I must admit the instructions are a bit flawed (maybe just a bit simple) but it still worked out quite well. Ewan LOVES it and first thing he did was take a book in there and I got half an hour of quiet! I've pegged the opening back but of course you could let it hang, whatever floats your boat really.

So the Tee-pee is just one of the many changes I've made to Ewan's shack bedroom. Stay tuned for my next blog which will show you what else I've been up to...

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