Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ewan's Shack Bedroom 'Do Over"

As promised, here is a look at Ewan's shack bedroom "makeover". It was ok before and a lot of the stuff in the room is the same but it's been rearranged with a few things added. I must admit I wasn't really happy with it before but now it feels a lot more comfortable and 'loungie", so much so that I'd personally be quite happy to hang in it all day long!

Last weekend when I had the sewing frenzy, I bought some new material and one of the things I made was a bunting flag. The colours were similar to what I already had started with in his room (green, blue and white) but I added a bit of red to warm it up a little.

Yes there are more "trees" on the wall just like his room in the city but I had purchased a set of 6, had only used one and I really like them so I added two more in the shack bedroom. Despite this, I don't think the room is at all similar to his city bedroom so it still works quite well. I added a few wooden birdies who sit on the branches which I think looks cool.

With some left over fabric and some cheap canvas's from Kmart (3 for $5), I made some little art works for above his bed. Because the material is also in the bunting flag, it ties the pictures in quite well.

Roge "acquired" some wooden pallets from Officeworks and we made a little day bed out of a spare single matteress. The "granny rug" was made by an old lady in George town (and a bargain at $40 new) and all the cushions were already ones I had in the cupboard. The book holders are a cheap storage basket from Bunnings hardware for $5.70 each. I love them and Ewan has easy access to his books when he's sitting on his daybed chilling out.

I still haven't done up the old wardrobe but it still works quite well in this space because it's a bit rough. I hung some cheap hooks and the chair was from the Hobart tip shop. The sheepskin rug makes it soooo comfy to sit on!

So there you have it, one very comfortable toddler bedroom. As per my usual style, it didn't take much money to create, just a few second hand bits n pieces plus a bit of creativity.

For a flash back at how it looked before, there is a link here. I'm sure you'll agree, it looks a lot better now.

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