Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Amelia Espresso - Launceston, Tasmania

Recently I found another gem of a coffee shop in little old Launceston. Slowly we seem to be getting a good choice of quality places to have our cuppa and that excites me.

Amelia Espresso is found at 56 George Street, Launceston. Amelia, the owner and barista is a delight and makes a mean brew. The coffee is locally roasted, ethically purchased and you have the choice of sitting down or taking away your drink.

This cafe is simple but right up my ally. I love the decor which is very Melbourne, lots of woodwork and industrial lights. I also love the big communal table in the centre of the room, surrounded by Tolex stools. I had a debate with someone the other day about the ol' communal table which seems to be at every cafe I attend lately. They didn't like it and felt that it was really rude to be expected to be seated with strangers. I on the other hand love the concept and think that it gives a great sense of community spirit. Sure, I don't necessarily want to be seated at a communal table when I go out for a "fancy dinner" but at a cafe or cheaper eatery, I think it's great. What do you guys think?

Sadly, I'm mainly on the hot chocolates for 9 months but I have had a sneaky brew from Amelia and would rate it up there with one of my favourite in Launceston. I still love the Atomica coffee at Nannas but Amelia's blend is fantastic. Roge loves it so much he buys the beans from Amelia and uses it in his coffee plunger for his morning coffee. At $18 per 400g bag, this is a little more than you'd pay for supermarket coffee beans but who can really compare them with fresh, locally roasted coffee? I'd pay the extra money in a heartbeat, no comparison in my book.

I also can't go past a slice of the cake or one of the biscuits that Amelia has sitting, calling my name on the front counter. Amelia gets them make locally by a friend and I'm yet to have something that doesn't want me to go back for more!

Amelia serves coffee and cake only but encourages people to come in with their packed lunches. I love this, and again, love this new age concept of a coffee shop that feels like you're dropping in at a mates house for a chat and a cuppa. Lovely.

If you haven't discovered Amelia's yet, then I'd recommend you get in there quick smart. Open Mon-Fri, 7am to 5pm. You will thank me!

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