Sunday, 23 December 2012

Stillwater Restaurant Launceston

It was a wet but mild evening in a town called Launceston. A mother and her husband of three years finally escaped the confines of their domestic routine to go out for a special meal, childless, babysitter at home they sought a dining experience fit for a King and his Queen. The place; Stillwater restaurant Launceston.

As you may have gathered, last Wednesday was Roge and my three year wedding anniversary and as already mentioned, we actually went somewhere decent for a meal. It's been a long time between drinks so to speak since we went out of the house to dine, I guess that's what happens when you have a small child?

My choice of venue is one that most Launny peeps will have heard of, it's a restaurant set on the river called Stillwater. It's in the old Richie's Mill and the food is to die for. Known locally as one of the best places to eat out, I'm yet to pick a fault with any meal I've ever had there. Downside is that it's a bit on the pricey side but for a special occasion, it's well worth a splurge.

Open for dinner Tuesday to Sunday but not only that, it's open for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week. Dinners are much more fancy but brekkie and lunch is far more casual and more affordable so if you want a more easy going experience, earlier may be for you. Personally I like going there breakfast, lunch and tea!

This was our entree but I put the camera away after this as I felt like a bit of a tool, taking pics of my meal but as you can see, it's pretty amazing. I had the quail (closest meal) and Roge had the rabbit. Even for a conservative eater, Roge will eat just about anything that's put in front of him at this place cos he knows it will taste amazing.

It was a miserable night but it didn't matter, sitting in the warm restaurant. Actually it was really ambient staring out the window as the rain fell, the ducks swam past and meanwhile my tummy is having the time of it's life!

Roge had some of the local Tassie beer to accompany his dinner.

I wished I could have a good glass of Tassie vino. Sadly, this glass was not destined for my table (second bun in oven if you know what I mean.)

The last glance back after we were full as a goog and dashing to the car. Lovely doesn't do justice to the experience of dining at such an esteemed venue as Stillwater. If you ever get the chance and haven't yet, please make time to go there whenever you get a chance, you won't regret it.

For more info on the restaurant, their award winning chef plus multiple write ups in magazines like Gourmet raveller (not to mention the visit from the Masterchef judges) go to their website


  1. I was lucky enough to have a coffee at Stillwater during my recent visit to Launceston. What a location! I'll be writing about the history of Richie's Mill for my project. Small world. Hoping to enjoy a meal there on my next visit. :)
    Glad that you and Roge managed to escape the routine for a date night at this special venue. But not nearly as glad as I am to learn that you have a second bun in the oven. Congratulations and love to your growing family! xo

    1. There's not a huge choice of high quality dining in Launceston so I'm not at all surprised that you have been there already but yes, it's a small world! I would highly recommend a meal there though, it's top notch :)

      Yes, did you like my sly little way that I dropped my pregnancy into my blog! I got a few messages from people but not as many as I thought. Tut tut, they mustn't be reading my blogs, I'll get onto them for that! haha

      So due the very start of June and we're really excited about it. I'm sure Ewan has no idea what is going on but he'll work it out when it comes along!

      Keep well :)


      PS. Mandy across the road is having a baby too (if you didn't already know). We're due the same time which is funny.