Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Pies, Pies, Pies...I love Pies!

Q: What does one do when they have an abundance of leeks in the garden? 

A: Google leek recipes of course!

Fortunately for me I know what I'm getting for Christmas this year, mainly because I bought it for myself and then handed it to Roge and said "here, this is what I want for Christmas"! I'm getting a pie maker and since I have these leeks running out of my ears, I thought I'd Google pie recipes.

There wasn't an objection by Roge that I'd cracked open my gift early (well he hadn't technically wrapped it yet any way) because anything that is to do with food is usually pretty good with him.

After going over a few recipes this was the best I found. I made Creamy Chicken and Leek Pies and the link to the website I used is here:


The pie maker was remarkably easy to use once all the prep work had been done and my pies were cooked within about 8 minutes.

I had some left over salads from the night before and viola, a beaut meal is on the table and I got to use up all those leeks. I ended up making 10 pies so I froze the excess which will make tea time a little easier in the weeks to come.

After a quick clean, the pie maker went back in it's box, ready to be wrapped and put under the Christmas tree!


  1. I have that exact same pie maker - bought it from Williams Sonoma with the gift card that everyone at my old office got us when they threw us a "bridal tea" shower before our wedding early 2011. I've made venison pies and quiches in it too. I have a couple of leeks in the fridge and I need to use them soon. (I continuously wish that Adam ate pork of any kind - and beef. So many things I could make for us but he doesn't eat pork or beef, dammit!)

    Sadly I will have to find a new home for the pie maker when we leave. Can't bring over appliances because of the different power voltage etc. We're bringing our SLR cameras and computers and using adaptors, but I don't know that there's much point in bringing a pie maker? And maybe even with an adaptor it'd die...

    1. It's great isn't it, so far I can't pick a fault.

      I think when you leave Canada you will have to have a huge garage sale and sell all that type of stuff. Do you have a free classifieds type thing like Gumtree in Canada? You could also use that to offload some stuff and then when you get here in Tas, you can buy all new stuff (like the pie maker).

      As far as I understand, those adaptors are pretty good. Roge has imported a lot of tools from the USA and uses an adaptor to recharge them. For the most part, he hasn't had any trouble. Still, it would cost you a fortune to drag all your stuff home and for an $60 pie maker, I don't think it would be worth it!

  2. We use Kijiji, though we won't make much money off stuff!

    Ooh, your pie maker cost $60? Mine was $100 on sale!! Breville, right? I didn't see any other kind at the time and it looked like a good deal. I hate giving away (practically) perfectly good appliances and then have to buy them again! I'm tempted to hang onto this one.

    (p.s. I made the pies - used a dash of Worchester sauce to make up for the lack of Proscuitto) and am serving them up for lunch today with the kids. They look so good!)

    1. Yep the pie maker was $60 on special at Target although it's brand is Sunbeam (but probably made in the same factory as Breville so that may be why they look so similar!?)

      Do you have to feed the children too or do they bring their own lunches? I hope you get paid well for the effort of cooking as well as looking after these people's children! Australian day care is a bit different by the sounds of it. We have to supply everything for our own kids from food to sunscreen, nappies etc. I guess it's easier that way. We still pay a fortune for day care though!