Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Is A Coming...

Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh...

It's pretty safe to say that the lead up to Christmas is in full swing at the moment and no less at our place. Whilst we try to "keep it real" and I'm not one to go too overboard with the decorating or hundreds of dollars worth of presents, I'd be lying if I said I don't enjoy it just a little bit more than I probably should (for an adult!)

This week I've done a few little festive things amongst the normal run of the mill stuff. I've decorated my Christmas wreath which is a wicker wreath base that I found at an op shop years ago for $1 and each year I pretty it up differently. Last year it was gum-leaves, gum-nuts and a few little birdies. This year it's full on tinsel and bobbles, all of which I already had in my Christmas box.

Years ago I purchased a pack of snow inspired bobbles from Ikea for $9.90 and it's been the best investment. There was so much stuff in the box and it hasn't dated/not too cheap looking. One new addition to my wreath is a laser cut plastic red bird which I've hung in the middle. I bought it from the Apron Market in Launceston a while back but I can't remember the stall holders name.

The other thing I've been doing in whipping up little santa sacks from scraps of material and ribbon to use to hold my gifts rather than wrapping things in paper (which will only get ripped off and thrown in the bin). Yes it takes a bit of time to make them, approx 15 minutes each but I think if you can make them over a few weeks, it's no so strenuous on you. These two I did this morning. The red one is for Ewan and the grey one for Roge.

The material for Roge's was left over from when I made the bench seat at the beach shack. Seriously they are so easy to make. Cut a few squares/rectangles, sew them together, attach a piece of ribbon to hang them and add any embellishment you like. I chose little bells which I have had for eons laying around in my sewing box. Now they have a use finally!

The top of the bookshelf is starting to look pretty flush with gifts. As you can see, I've used a few different options for presenting my gifts. I particularly love the bucket full of lollies which I've done for my youngest sister who will be jumping off the walls from the sugar high on Christmas day (but that's to be expected for most kids isn't it?) Other things I've used is re-usable wine carriers, brown paper wrapping which I've flashed up with a bit of jute twine and some cute labels and generally what ever paper or ribbon etc that I have laying around. Anything can be made to look Christmas-ey if you ask me, who needs the fancy specialty paper.

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