Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Lead up to Christmas 2012

I love Tasmania in Summer, actually I love Tassie most seasons but Sunday I was particularly excited to realise that Summer has brought along all the awesome new produce. Cherries, strawberries, new potatoes, apples, blueberries, raspberries just to name a few things that I love about Summer produce in Tassie.

I went to the Evandale Market to find some new potatoes for Christmas day and came back with all sorts of yummy things. Pastries from my favourite patisserie, Manu bread who have a tent out at the market. Spuds, cherries, honey and a few second hand toys for Ewan.

Yum! I think my whole life revolves around food, is that a bad thing?

In the final lead up to Christmas I took a leaf out of my friend Lori's book and nicked her recipe for Honey and Gingerbread biscuits and whipped up these to hand out on the day or attach to pressies to brighten them up.

I don't know why I never learn that putting biscuits on the top shelf in my oven is a recipe for disaster. These poor little critters were fast tracked to the bin.

I hired a carpet cleaner from Woolworths and cleaned all the carpet mats in the house. For 24 hours you can hire one of these bad boys for $39 which is a bargain compared to employing a carpet cleaning contractor.

I also cooked like crazy, making potato salads, pasta salads, cheesecake, brownies, bread, quiche and cannelloni pasta...

...And I did this all for that big old wonderful Christmas day, only to have my head in the toilet with a stomach bug (thanks Ewan)! So Christmas lunch is now on Boxing day however I'm not too disappointed, it's just prolonging the Christmas spirit that little bit longer!

I hope you're all having a wonderful and merry Christmas break everyone.

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