Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Shiny Splash-Back for the Beach Shack

I've been a bit quiet about the beach shack of late. There are two reasons for that, 1 - we haven't been there much (family stuff has kept us away) and 2 - when we have, it's been all work work work and the place looks like a bomb hit it so I don't get inspired to take any pics!

I've had sparkys (electricians) there installing heating and cooling but at the same time they had to do an upgrade of the electrics (eeeek, that blew the budget) but now I can remove the wood heater and put the kitchen floor down. That will be the last of the big jobs.

Roge spent a day up there this week and worked on the kitchen splashback. We decided to use a cheap and easy option called mini corre (or mini orb). We needed two sheets and they cost about $21 each from Bunnings. That's a bloody cheap splash-back and I think it looks awesome. A good option when we have a beer budget, I hate tiling and it suits the casual beach vibe I'm going for.

He also finished installing the kitchen bench which are Tas Oak studs (what a builder would use as framing timber) which he has dressed and sanded into this beauty. It doesn't have any oil or lacquer on it yet but you can see how wonderful they have turned out already. The framing timber was left over stuff my Dad had so we didn't pay a penny for it. Bonus!

Anyhoo, apologies for the very un-styalised pics but as you can see, we've been hard at work (or Roge has at least). I'm hoping that after the weekend I'll have some decent pics to show you.

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