Saturday, 16 June 2012

Road Trip Down South - Salamanca Market, Hobart, Tasmania

Phew, it's been a long day but a good one for the most part. Roge and I did a flying day trip to the South of Tasmania, to our capital Hobart. We decided to coincide our trip to the hospital to visit one of my family with a trip to the legendary Salamanca Market.

I haven't been to the market for over a year which is just long enough between visits to really enjoy it. I say that because there is a lot of the same stuff there which I have seen before but there are also some new and fresh stores with lots of gorgeous crafts.

Mount Wellington in the background of the market. Quite stunning.

Today for us it was definitely a "foodie" type of day We ate and ate and ate lots of different and delicious food from all sorts of pop up tents.

OMG the fudge, oh the fudge!
Weird but cute scarfs
Bruny Island cheese (my fave) which some of it followed us home.
We are the apple isle for a reason!
The buskers at Salamanca are AMAZING and all very talented, These kids are young but play with incredible soul. 
Bratwurst sausage about to find a home in my belly and dare I say it without you thinking I'm being rude but "I love this sausage". hahaha (as said on the sign).
Incredible what you can buy from a pop up food stall now days. These pizzas were better than ones I'd had in Italy.

Hmmm, questionable as to whether these home made robots were made by a "craftsperson" but they sure were funny and innovative!
The balloon man was like the pied piper with the amount of kids he attracted.
Today's loot
Not much of it left by the time we'd got stuck into it. Yum!
So a fun day at the market with Roge. Ewan was happy at home with his Granny in the warmth and although I missed him, it was nice to have a break too.

Salamanca market is held every Saturday on the Hobart waterfront from 8 - 2pm approx. A must do for any visitor to Tasmania.

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