Sunday, 17 June 2012

Jackman and McRoss is the Name of my Heaven

So yesterday we went down to Hobart on our road trip. Every time I go to Hobart, I have to go to my favourite bakery cafe, Jackman and McRoss in Battery Point.

Battery point in itself is the cutest little suburb full of the most amazing cottages, right above the amazing Salamanca place (where the market is held) and Battery Point is also nestled right on the river so there are beautiful views and it's a lovely place to stroll around the streets. Unfortunately, it is mega expensive and I could never afford to buy a house there. So I stroll the streets dreaming of winning a million dollars and pick out the house I'd buy if I did!

So back to Jackman and Mcross. It's located on the main drag called Hampton Street. It has the best food EVER! I always get a giant lamington. It's my favourite thing in the world, haha, well one of!

Full and happy we leave, satisfied once again. I love it when you can go to a place over and over and not ever have a bad experience. I can honestly say I am a food addict and this place is my heaven.

If you go to Hobart, make sure you visit Jackman and McRoss at 57 Hampden Rd, Battery Point and leave yourself a bit extra time to stroll the streets, looking at the houses, small boutique shops and sit in the park overlooking the boats on the river. Perfect.


  1. Yum! Another item for our must-do list for when we visit Tassie. It does sound perfect.

  2. It's impressive Sheryl and I could go another one of those big lamingtons right now!

  3. Totally agree Alex, Jackman & McRoss is one of the yummiest places in the city. Loved it when Tara worked there and would take home leftover pastries - I'd pop by for a chat and score something mouthwatering! And yes, sometimes I'd actually go and treat myself to the fresh, paid version too!

    1. Haha, that sounds great! Tara has done some cool stuff hasn't she! I don't think she's ever done anything that was boring or a little bit daggy (like work at a fish and chip shop for example). I'd love to work at Jackman and McRoss although I'd be the size of a car and they wouldn't have any cakes left to sell to the customers!
      X X
      PS. what are you doing for Hugh's birthday?

    2. Nothing fancy. We invited Adam's family out to our place but his brother and partner have a wedding to go to, his aunt is working, Adam's godmother can't make it, his cousins are, well, flaky, and we haven't even heard back from his parents! I had thought about doing a party for him but I don't know what it's like in Tassie but here it's almost impossible to get people together, everyone's so busy all the time or just plain exhausted, and so we thought to keep it simple. It's only his first birthday anyway. I will make him a cake though, and we've got pressies. He won't mind, every weekday is like a playdate for him!

      Are you having an actual party?

    3. I'm with you and thought that there was no need for a big 1 year old party BUT since I've realised it's such a BIG deal here to have a 1 year old party with amazing cakes, food and dozens of people.

      I've been to a few parties so far (we're in a mothers group) and been blown away with the amount of money spent on fancy invites, cakes that look like they've come from a fancy shop etc. My wedding cake was as plain and they come so poor Ewan won't be getting the fancy cake that looks like a TV cartoon character but I have now decided to hold a BBQ and invite our friends and family. That is mainly because they all have expectations that I will have a party more than me actually wanting to do it!

      I envy you that you can have a small dinner and hang with Hugh without all the massive fuss. Gotta love Cananda eh!

    4. Well that's a great way to look at it, Alex! Thank you for that, especially considering even Adam's parents aren't coming - they're going to the cottage instead. (Hm silly moment of feeling rejected had to be overcome, and even Adam was a bit taken aback, but whatever.) But a fancy party? Ugh that's pretty ridiculous. Oh god, it reminds me of a tv show here that I saw ads for (never watched), called Outrageous Kids Parties or something, where parents would go completely over-the-top for their bratty spoilt little shit of a kid. (and people watch this shit!)

      sorry about all the swearing. I get so ... opinionated!!

      Your plans for Ewan sound wonderful. He'll just be so happy to have cake and people to show off to, I can see it now! (Well I can see Hugh in the same scenario and I'm sure Ewan's not much different!)

    5. Phew, another amazing 1 year old party that we've just been to today and it was just as spectacular as the others. I'm starting to think that I might avoid having a party after looks like too much work!

      PS, don't apologise for having an opinion (or swearing for that matter). The feminists out there would be proud!