Monday, 11 June 2012

Going Potty on a Monday That Feels Like a Sunday

Gotta love a long weekend and all day it has felt like a typical Sunday....even though it's Monday (that's a good thing)! I woke to a quiet street, no one starting their cars to leave for work. Roge didn't have to go anywhere and enjoyed an extra sleep in. We had eggs on toast for breckie and read the paper slowly rather than the usual morning rush but the best thing was that all day we haven't left the house. That's rare.

Today we achieved a few little jobs which I'm proud to say didn't cost us a cent. I finally got around to planting a few pots of succulents and used all materials that I scrounged from the garden shed.

I had potting mix, some old pots, some half dead succulents plus a few that I had nicked from my friend Liv's garden.

I found the gravel under the deck from the house foundation which I have placed in the bottom of the pot for a bit of drainage. I then cut a few squares of shade cloth to put between the rocks and the potting mix in order for the drainage to work.

"Voila", three little pots all ready to go on my window sill at the beach shack. The succulents will grow and spread like weeds and soon you won't see any of the potting mix at all.

Roge also tackled a necessary job. Ewan the little smartie has worked out that if he pushes the stools out of the way, he can jail break into the kitchen/laundry which I don't want him to do (too much he can get into). The baby gate worked for a couple weeks along with the stools but he's got too clever now.

A before pic of how it was.

This is how it looks now and again, the barrier didn't cost a thing as Roge used a few old fence palings that we had stashed in the shed. It isn't to everyone's taste of course but I don't mind a bit of a rustic look in our house.

The stools will just have to live at the side of the bench now until Ewan is old enough for us to remove the barrier. 

Ewan didn't seem too fussed that we've locked him out of the kitchen again. He bashed on the barrier a few times, then gave up and went back to climbing up onto the dining chairs under the table!

It feels good to have had a quiet day at home but have still done a few little jobs at the same time. I'm proud that we used what we had in the shed and a little creativity to put it all together. It's amazing what most of us have tucked into the back of the cupboard or shed, ready for that rainy day when we think "I have a use for that".

I noticed that another clever Tassie girl was doing the same thing on her long weekend. Ange from Yes Dear was busy making cushions with the help of her and my friend You Tube! Check out the finished product, I'm certainly impressed and now I'm inspired to do something similar.

I hope you've had a nice long weekend too.

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