Saturday, 9 June 2012

I'm In Love With Eco-co

Today I had a hankering for shopping and I knew exactly where I wanted to go!

My favourite home wares store is the lust worthy Eco-co at 51 Balfour St, Launceston. It's the store I wish I could own everything in, but the reality is, I'd have to have a hell-of-a-lotta cash cos most of the stuff doesn't come cheap. That said, if I know anything about decorating a room, one thing I would say is that you only need one or two "big ticket" items to make a room sing. The rest you can thrift or make.

So the beach shack is well and truly coming along and I've almost finished the big boring changes like painting, replacing the floor coverings and kitchen. I've put most of the rooms together now but they need "building". That just means, they look a bit basic and need a bit of magic in the way of one or two really nice finishing touches.

The grey cross cushion is by Pony Rider and the other is Cloth
That brings me to new (very expensive...whoops!) cushions which have a destination calling at the beach shack. Although I could probably make something similar, I really really wanted something a bit special. Plus, now I have them, my mind is raging with ideas on what materials I can use and make my own similar ones.

I have to admit that I am guilty of trawling through the Eco-co Facebook page on a regular basis for inspiration, looking at the pictures of all the lovely things. If you would like to have a look, go to and then if you're able, go see it in the flesh at 51 Balfour St, Launceston. I can promise it's worth your while, even if it's just for decoration inspiration.


  1. Darn, Nathan just took me birthday shopping but maybe I could get an extra something little from here!

    1. Oh you so should go for a look, It's well worth it and I'm sure you could squeeze one more pressie out of Nath!

      You're birthday is weeks away, you're getting in early aren't you! Did you get an overlocker?

  2. Oh *sigh*! That shop does look lovely. Thanks for the facebook link, I'm using Pinterest to keep track of lovely house ideas I see but I'm terrible at trawling the internet for things!

    Looking forward to seeing more pics of the beach shack!

    1. Photos are on their way...after this weekend I think!