Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Kouklas BYO Restaurant, Gravelly Beach, Tasmania

This week I've been busy busy busy planning beach shack things. We got the keys on Monday (yesterday) and immediately went for a drive to check out what we had brought without the eyes of a eager real estate agent watching us. It was lovely and so much better without all the previous owner's stuff in it. You may remember every room was crammed and it was hard to tell what the place was really like.

Anyway, knowing that in the months to come, all we will want to do is go to the beach shack, Roge, Ewan and I went for a drive up the West Tamar river for a long lunch at a favourite haunt of ours.

We went to Kouklas BYO restaurant. This brings me to introduce you to something that I can't live without, we call it "the bible" .

This is "the bible". It's the Tasmanian entertainment guide which for the small sum of $55 for 12 months, it gives you more discounts than you'll ever use and is great for people like us who like to eat out and explore the place we live. 

The idea is, you purchase the book from a charity and the profits of the sale goes to that charity. We have saved literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars in the last 12 months by using this book. We have also discovered hidden treasures of places to eat and visit that we would happily return to without a discount.

Today we are using our Kouklas voucher which entitles us to one free main meal when we buy another. Kouklas is our favourite mediterranean restaurant and is set almost smack bang on the river bank. It has amazing big windows of glass all along the front of the cafe so you can stare out onto the river and watch the world go by.

I couldn't get Ewan to smile for the camera, he was too distracted by all the other patrons who were laughing and clinking their glasses. We cracked a pinot noir that we brought weeks earlier from Elmsley vineyard. I wrote about it at the time so if you didn't see it, you can have a look here.

If you want a amazing feed for a really good price, then Kouklas is the place to go (even without the discount voucher). I had slow cooked lemon lamb and it was melt in your mouth amazing. The food they make is so fresh and "real". You can tell it's all good quality produce and made with love. Roge had mediterranean spiced chicken and it was equally as good as my lamb.

After we had paid, we got into a conversation with the owner and cook of the cafe. She told us that she couldn't ever go on a diet because she loves food too much and then proceeded to joke that when she dies, she wants a tattoo on her chest that states "I ate, I smoked, I drank and I had a great time doing it". What a character! I could tell that she loves her life and what she does which shows in the place she has created, Kouklas BYO restaurant.

If you want to check Kouklas out for yourself, it can be found 20 minutes from Launceston Tasmania at 285 Gravelly Beach Road, Gravelly Beach. Additionally if you want to find out more about the Entertainment book, have a look at the website as they're not a Tasmania exclusive offer, you can get them nationwide. http://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/

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