Thursday, 17 May 2012

Winter Veggie Garden Progress

A while ago I did a post on planting out my winter veggie garden and now I report that my winter veggie garden is really taken off. I've removed all the glass jam jars that were protecting all the little seedlings from the slugs and snails as now they're big enough to fend for themselves!

Check out my broad bean seeds, they've broken the soil and growing like mad. I'm a bit excited!

This garden bed is the one that I'm going to plant my tomatoes in later in the year so I didn't put any lime in before planting these brussel sprouts. Look how terrible they are growing compared to the other garden bed that I did put the lime in, it's startling how different they are doing.

Anyways, as you can see, all is growing well. If you haven't already, get planting, it's not too late to get a lettuce or two growing in a pot or some beans growing up your fence in a currently naked spot in your garden.

I haven't yet needed to test the "beer theory" which my in-law Trev told me is a natural slug/snail killer that won't hurt your pets (other than maybe making them drunk if they drink it!). I'll let you know if the slugs move in and if the beer really does keep them away.

Happy gardening everyone.

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