Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Beach Shack Progress....and a Mouse

Ahhhh, I'm crazy tired. I've been back at the shack, frantically getting it to a stage that we can finally sit back, relax and enjoy the place. Unfortunately it's still a bit of a wreck but Ewan will finally be able to come with us next time because the top bedroom and lounge have now had their final coat of polish and should be ready to set up next time we go there (this coming weekend I hope).

Lookin good!
I've had the plumber there with me today changing all the bathroom taps, installing a new toilet and disconnecting all the old kitchen plumbing. I originally wanted to remove a lot of the bathroom and instal a bath but I've realised it was a unrealistic want and lets face it. it's a shack. So I decided to replace the kitchen instead and just "spruce the old bathroom" which actually isn't that bad.

Old vanity but with new taps makes it look new and modern. A simple trick.
A new clean loo (the old one would give you nightmares). More importantly though, it has a half flush and when the shack is run on a very modest rainwater tank, you need to make water savings wherever you can. The toilet was just a $98 Bunnings cheepie but came highly recommended by my plumber who said it is manufactured by Caroma and their stuff lasts for years and years.
So as I mentioned, I've decided to replace the old kitchen. Only with a Bunnings flatpack but it will be far more functional. The old one had no cupboard space and although I originally thought I might keep it but spruce it with new handles, I decided against it.

Old kitchen
The start of the new kitchen, looks a million times better eh!
So today's renovation supplies all come from Bunnings (they are not my sponsors but I would be happy for them to be!) Honestly, when it comes to getting affordable supplies, I rarely go anywhere else. I've used their flat pack kitchens a number of times and they're cheep but come up really nicely. My tip though, buy fancy handles, don't use the ones they supply as they make the whole set up look cheep.

My budget is still doing well. So well in fact, I might be able to buy a new fridge. In fact, I think I'm going to scrape together enough money to buy one regardless because when I moved the old one that was left there, I found a mouse carcass that was just a perfect little skeleton with a bit of fluff around it. I almost puked and the thought of it sends a shiver up my spine even now! In my mind, the old fridge is mouse contaminated and I feel like I have to replace it! Silly? Maybe.

So that's the latest progress. I still haven't had a chance to decorate anything yet, that will be next time (and I'm really looking forward to it). I'm having a few days off now which will be nice. I miss Ewan who I've hardly seen this week and Roge is complaining that he needs a proper cooked meal again!

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