Monday, 2 April 2012

The house formally known as Bluebell, Launceston Tasmania

As you can probably tell by now, I love a beautifully decorated house that has been done with a whole lot of love and a thrifty spirit.

My very kind friends, Laura and Nick let me take pics of their lounge and it totally reflects their cool and laid back style. It even comes with a token French Bulldog or two (so vogue right now, every house magazine I pick up lately has a French Bulldog in there somewhere!)

I picked their brain as I went on how they pulled it all together:

Nick found the cool retro orange pendant light on e-bay. The picture on the wall is a Banksy print, also a e-bay purchase but framed in a cheep frame from the local Evandale market.

The sideboard was a garage sale pick up for $20. Nick proudly tells me that the reindeer skin that hangs over the chair is another e-bay purchase for $60.

I love this area, it's the old filled in verandah/sunroom which they have turned into a breakfast bar. So light and relaxing, I just want to make a cuppa and sit down to read the newspaper. It's also such a simple and cheap renovation idea. A piece of ply, some brackets on the wall and a awkward space that's not good for much. Do you have one of these areas in your house? What a great idea you could copy.

Willow and Audrey, you are too cute! The pic above them is a tea towel which has been framed. Clever!

I love this concept. Laura has collected picture frames from vintage stores and op shops, then put in a pic of her family or friends to create a really lovely and personal memory display.

Laura's grandma's old chair, re covered and looking delightful. I really like the colour.

I'm so jealous of this purchase. Laura found this Eames look alike stool from an op-shop for $5. When I told her how jealous I am, she informed me it's totally useless as it tips forward and you fall off when you sit on it! I felt a little better after she told me that.

So there you go, a peak into the lounge room of creative couple who have cleverly combined new with vintage pieces. I know I have a few ideas for projects I can copy off them, I hope you have found a great idea to steal too!

Keep an eye out in future posts for a coffee shop I will feature called, Nanna's Coffee and Vintage. It's Laura's business and it's even more lovely than her house (if you could believe that to be possible!)

Note: the reason why the house is "formally known as Bluebell" is because she used to be bright blue in colour. Nick has recently painted her white and so "Bluebell" is no longer (but she will always be Bluebell to me!)

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