Saturday, 31 March 2012

Niche Market, Launceston Tasmania

Ohhhh I love the weekends but particularly because it means MARKET TIME!

A couple times a year the Niche market comes to Launceston. It's a craft designer market and a mecca for people like me who just can't help themselves with sweet, one of a kind designs and original products.

Today's loot:

Not as much as I might usually buy but a few sweet treats. Buttons in lovely shapes and a beanie for Ewan.

My favourite jewellery at the moment is by "That Vintage". Divine Tasmanian Myrtle timber is used for everything from earrings, brooches, necklaces and rings. I took a business card to slip somewhere into Roge's view as there may be a upcoming birthday he wants to buy for, hint hint! Find more about Sophie and her gorgeous designs at or

My favourite stalls today:

Black Eyed Suzie
Beanies by Nanny G
That Vintage

I made a decision earlier this year that I was going to try to make all my gifts and cards but if I couldn't make it, then I should buy locally from a small business or craft maker. It makes me feel good to support these people and line the pocket of someone in the community.

I hope my photos have wet your appetite to go out and find your local niche market and spend up big!

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